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Marsel Cooling Inc. Metalfrio, one of the world's largest commercial cooler manufacturers | Solutions for Marcelo Lima and Turkey's oldest family-owned company with 140 years of Turkish Trade Co. Hamamcıoğlu Institutions It was founded by Selim Hamamcıoğlu as the 6th generation of the company.

Marcelo Lima is publicly traded on the stock exchange and the market leader in its sector, Klimasan Klima Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Selim Hamamcıoğlu has been a board member for 10 years.

Our aim is to supply compressors, fan motors, gas and refrigeration industry spare parts to our dealers and OEM manufacturers with a reasonable, transparent and stable price policy, using our leading purchasing power in our sector, with the principle of win-win.

Marsel Cooling Inc. Metalfrio and Klimasan's extensive experience, international power and ethical values have set out to do business with the principles of honest, fair and honesty.